Movie Update: Many readers have been asking about whether there will be a movie or television series based on the trilogy, and if so where are we in the process.

As some long-time visitors to our site know, Warner Brothers optioned the rights to the trilogy some time ago. What that means is that they acquired rights to develop the project for a specific length of time. After that length of time, they either would decide to begin production or the rights would revert back to me.

About one year ago, the rights to the trilogy reverted back to me. This happened after many, many months of hard work by a very talented team of producers, writers, and studio executives. As you know, this is a complicated set of books, and in the end it was a mutual decision to shelve the project. At the time I was knee-deep in THE BOOK OF LIFE and focused on finishing the trilogy for you. Only recently have I been able to think about other things, like an All Souls Trilogy screen treatment.

So what happens now? Other people have expressed an interest in acquiring the rights to the trilogy. At the moment, I’m in conversation with an interested party and will keep you posted if and when there are developments.

Please know that my primary concern is, and always has been, finding a team who loves the material as much as you do and wants to make a film or television series that is faithful to the spirit of the trilogy. Note that I didn’t say “identical to the trilogy”–no film adaptation or television treatment can be that! Still, I am acutely aware of your concern that whatever film or TV version of the All Souls Trilogy might made, it is faithful to the characters and the spirit of the story. I share those concerns, and will do my utmost to see that the final result (if there ever is a movie or television series) will reflect the books that you treasure.