**Dear Readers:  Our website calendar may not be properly updating on everyone’s computer, though if you turn off the cookies on your browser, the information you see on Deb’s Calendar (below) is likely to be accurate. We apologize for any confusion and are doing everything we can to keep it up to date. Please remember to double-check details with the venue before arriving. You can also check the Event details posted on the Deborah Harkness Facebook page (click here).   

You can add my calendar feed to iCal from here. We’re adding dates all the time, so be sure to pop back here or use the feed.

See the calendar below for the book tour dates and events for The Book of Life.

Unfortunately, I can’t possibly go everywhere this summer, no matter how much I would like to meet you all.  At present I am making more than 25 appearances in 29 days in the US alone. Then I’m headed to Europe.  (Stay tuned for those dates and places.  We don’t have any information for Europe yet, but we’ll post them as soon as I know something). I know some of you will be disappointed that I am not coming to your town (or at least a town near you), but I will tour again when the paperback for The Book of Life releases.

If you call a bookstore or venue and they can’t help you reserve a ticket or a book just make a note in your calendar and call back in a few weeks.

 **Sometimes, due to demand and other factors beyond my control, locations, times, and policies change.  (Or our calendar plug-in decides not to cooperate). Be sure to check with the bookstore two months before the event, and then two weeks before the event, to make sure that you have the latest information. Mark your calendars!**

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