“What are you drinking?” It was the only detail my imagination couldn’t supply.
“Since when have you cared about wine?” He sounded genuinely surprised.
“Since I found out how much there was to know.” Since I found out you cared about wine, you idiot.

Ah, love. It can lead us down some pretty unexpected paths. Remember the boyfriend who loved baseball, so you spent a whole summer broiling in the hot sun and then had a huge fight because you confessed you actually hated it? Or the girlfriend who thought she was the next Great British Bakeoff Star and turned your kitchen into a flour-covered mess every weekend?

In Diana’s case, it’s wine. And like most of us who take up an interest because the one we love is interested, she might manage to retain some useful information but will never match a vampire’s passion for the subject!

My passion is somewhere between your average vampire and Diana. I consider myself a dedicated amateur, one who still prefers affordable wine over prestige bottling and doesn’t have a cellar that will let me collect wine like Matthew does. If you are curious what a vampire’s checkbook and real estate can allow him to acquire, click here to check out a partial list of Matthew’s cellar.