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This month’s intention is “Love Yourself First.” It’s wonderful that we are all inspired to take care of others, but just as the flight attendant’s say: “put on your own oxygen mask first.” If we don’t love ourselves and care for ourselves first, we won’t have the resources to help anyone else. So much of this month is focused on LOVE. Let’s begin with a big helping of love, appreciation, and celebration of ourselves. Make it your mission to be as good to yourself as you would be to a friend. Be kind and gentle with yourself, don’t beat yourself up over imperfections, and get plenty of rest and exercise.

I’ve posted some folklore, recipes, celebrations, and of course a playlist full of loves songs that have inspired my writing are up on Spotify. The link is on the Pinterest board (look for Annie Lennox) or you can go directly to Spotify:…/…/playlist/2Btl130iuvTuzMObXImhVA

Have a great month!