Image by Suzanne Shaw

Hello, everybody! It’s time for your next update on all things All Souls. To be honest, nothing much has changed. I’m still reading, writing, teaching, and working on the TV production where everybody’s thoughts have turned to casting. I know that’s what many of you have been thinking about for YEARS but now we are, too.

What am I reading? Well, I’m reading lots of books on queens, witches, and courtesans to keep up with my course this semester. Scholars of gender, power, and sexuality are very prolific and every year there are new books and articles to read and think about so that the course stays up-to-date. One of the books I’ve enjoyed is Suzannah Lipscomb’s THE KING IS DEAD: THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF HENRY VIII. I’m also reading an awful lot books about the 18th century…

What am I writing? I’m still working on THE SERPENT’S MIRROR. Boy, that Matthew is complicated. Just when I think I have him all figured out I discover he was hanging out with some pretty interesting people in the 1540s. It’s taking me some time (and a whole lot of research…) to figure it all out. But don’t worry. I’m writing away on Marcus’s story while Matthew explains himself. I’m also finishing up with the last story treatments for the first series of…

The TV Adaptation. Yep. we are working away on the understanding that filming will start sometime this summer. Reminder: any detailed announcements about the TV show will come from the broadcaster(s) and not from me. Right now most of our energy is being put into scripts and casting major parts like Matthew and Diana. I know that you all have LOTS of opinions on who should play these roles, and this is what I can promise you: they will be great actors. Casting is the most challenging process I have ever witnessed. Way too many moving pieces! But I have every faith in the casting director and my fingers are crossed for the best possible result.

In other news:

In case you missed it, the All Souls Con is back in 2017. We’re headed to New Orleans this September. Check their website for all the details, and save the date: September 23.

And finally, my March Pinterest inspiration board is up and ready for viewing. March is one of my favorite months, in large part because it is so unpredictable. Though it can feel like winter will never end, March reminds us that hope–and patience–are rewarded. Here’s the link:…/march-inspiration-for-readers-…/