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2017 is destined to be “the Year of Living Patiently.” There is so much that is happening behind the scenes, but it’s going to take a while for all the information to bubble up through official channels. You are groaning/screaming/rolling your eyes/stamping your feet/weeping with frustration. I get it. I’ve spent much of the last few months in the same state, raging at the machine. So this is going to be a long and talky update about all sorts of things. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, or a big glass of water, stick your headphones in (plugging them in machine you are reading this on, daemonically optional) and settle in for a read.

Here’s the thing, my loyal and supportive readers. I try to be as honest, open, and transparent as possible I love showing up here, on Facebook or on twitter, or on Instagram, and sharing something that makes me happy. As long as it’s the 72K of you and me, this works great. I am a communicator, and I believe that free and open communication is important between friends. We are a strong, large family! What changes everything is when large corporations get involved in the mix. Often, they have their own ideas about their “style” of communication. They never coincide with mine (or at least they haven’t yet). They want to wait. They want everything nailed down. They want to time announcements according to their own logics. They don’t like correcting mistakes or making changes. I’m a professor. I live to make corrections! I figure my readers are smart. You understand things, if they’re explained to you clearly, and you may not like it but you’re not going to explode. As a result, I’m sort of in lockdown–and I HATE IT. It makes me crabby. I avoid Facebook (sorry for the lack of posts…) because I feel like I’m lying to you when I don’t share what I know. I’ve always promised you that I will share things when I know them. I can’t make that promise any more. I now know things that I want to share, but I am not able to do so.

So what follows is what I CAN tell you. It’s not the whole truth. The whole truth is vast, complex, a little bit scary, wonderful, and exciting. At some point, some corporation will decide to share news with you. And then we can all come back here and talk about it some more. Until then, you may see a little less of me on Facebook and other social media though I do have some ways to make sure you know what’s going on and stay connected (see below). And I will try to get over it and not feel like such a louse for not being 100% honest. The accompanying illustration reflects my current state. It shows the inside of a broken chicken egg. The chicken inside clearly couldn’t wait to get into the world. It kept track of all the days it was stuck in its shell. Once it made it out, little chicken footprints show the direction it moved in–away, forward, towards the sunshine and open air–and it didn’t look back. One day, that will be us. The shell of silence will crack. The chickens will walk free. And that will be a good day.

Meanwhile: NEWSLETTER: We’ve given up trying to figure out and anticipate how Facebook feeds information to you. So we’ve pulled together a monthly newsletter that will include highlights of news, and a carefully curated selection of social media posts. If it feels like you are missing posts here, you might want to sign up for THE BLAST. It will appear in your email once a month, and includes fun polls and other information. I will still be here and on other social media, but some of us are trying to disconnect a bit in 2017, and this gives you a way to do that without losing touch entirely. Sign up on the website, The signup box is in the lower left corner of the website homepage. We promise not to spam you–it’s just one message a month.

WRITING: I am writing constantly, all the time, in my sleep, at home, on planes. It seems that the Bishop-Clairmonts all seem to want to keep silence, or talk at the same time. This has been complicated by the fact that I am not only working on novel(s), but the THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS trilogy companion (see below) and for the TV show (see below). At this point, we are putting the finishing touches on the companion (it’s due at the publisher in mid-January). The novel(s) are percolating along in unpredictable ways. Marcus has been quite outspoken since July, and Matthew has left the building. As some of you will remember, I initially starting writing a book about Marcus, but Matthew took over. Now Marcus is getting his own back. I have no idea how or when it will all work out. I just keep writing. It’s all I can do.

THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS TRILOGY COMPANION: Along with a great writing and research team (Claire Baldwin, Lisa Halttunen, and Jill Hough) and the artistic talents of Colleen Madden (aka FrogGirl and Goody Alsop and The New Red Plaid), we have pulled together the ultimate readers’ guide to the All Souls Trilogy. Biographical information, new tidbits (character birthdays!!) of lore, manuscript out-takes (!!!!), maps, floorplans, and all sorts of goodies are inside what it going to be a chunky volume with black-and-white and colored illustrations. It’s going to be a beauty when it’s done, and I got lost in the magic section of the book it was so fun and engaging. The writing team hopes it will be available for purchase in autumn 2017. The publisher will make the decision. I’ll keep you posted.

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES ON TV: The production process is moving forward very, very quickly. The production team keeps growing, with four executive producers (including me), one producer to keep us all going, a casting director (yes, a casting director), script editor, location manager, production designer, and four writers (including me). We have two scripts in final edits, and two more are being written at the moment for what is projected to be an 8-episode series that takes us to the end of ADOW. The producers are interested in making a total of five seasons covering the whole trilogy, provided the stars align and the viewers watch it. We shall see. Meanwhile, we have to wait. Like that chick stuck in its egg. All announcements regarding broadcaster, cast, and the date of broadcast will be made by others, not me. I have no control over when the announcements will be made or what they will contain. I know you have been waiting. Make like the chick!!

PINTEREST INSPIRATION BOARDS: I am a very visual person, and I find words, images, food, and ideas very inspiring. Enter Pinterest. I’ve been on Pinterest for years, and usually make myself a private “inspiration board” for each month. I figured I might as well share them with you guys! They’re usually not huge: a dozen+ pins per month. They will include recipes, images, quotes, folklore (this month’s full moon is called the Wolf Moon, for instance), and occasionally the odd bit of de Clermont trivia (check the picture of Ben Franklin to find it this month). If you are interested, all you have to do is follow this link. Those of you new to Pinterest will have to sign up, but for the many of you who are it will be quite straightforward. Here’s the link:…/january-inspiration-for-reader…/

MUSIC: One of the links on my Pinterest board is to my January inspirational music. The theme for January is “Breathe” and so you will see a pattern. It’s a soothing, energizing, and uplifting selection of songs, both vocal and instrumental. I make myself one of these every month, too, and mostly listen to it in the car or doing work around the house. Sometimes a writing song creeps in and you can usually tell because it sticks out like a sore thumb! For those of you not on Pinterest, here it is:…/…/playlist/275RMWhgQYIebpkCRaMtzN Please note: Spotify is not available in every country, so you may not be able to access this link.
OK, I think that’s it. As ever, I’ll be back if there is news to report or updates to make. Hang in there. January can be a roller coaster.