Who do you meet in Shadow of Night?

Diana Bishop is a historian of alchemy who happens to be a witch. Once upon a time she discovered a mysterious manuscript at Oxford University’s Bodleian Library. Soon after she met Matthew Clairmont, and her life took a series of surprising turns. Now that she knows she is a timewalker–and in danger–she has traveled to the past to find someone to school her in the lost arts of magic (and to find Ashmole 782 if she can). You can friend Diana on Facebook and listen to a selection of Diana’s favorite music by clicking here.

Matthew Roydon, also known as Matthew Clairmont and Matthew de Clermont,  is a vampire. His educational credentials are too extensive to list here. In the modern world, he spends most of his time in his laboratory. But what will Matthew do in the past? One thing is for sure: he won’t need to read books written by his old friends to feel close to them once more. Matthew is a member of a groups of radicals and free-thinkers known as the School of Night. You can friend Matthew on Facebook and listen to a selection of his favorite music by clicking here.

Christopher Marlowe is Matthew Roydon’s closest friend. Also a member of the School of Night, he is a daemon and maker of plays.

Francoise and Pierre are loyal and trusty de Clermont family retainers, and they serve Matthew while he is in England.

George Chapman is a writer of some reputation and little patronage. In 1594 he wrote a long poem about melancholy and the goddess Diana called The Shadow of Night. 

Thomas Harriot is also a member of the School of Night. Like Marlowe he is a daemon. But instead of imagining daring deeds and lost loves, Harriot is interested in mysteries of nature–especially those found in mathematics and the stars.

Henry Percy, the Earl of Northumberland is not yet known as ‘the Wizard Earl’ when Diana meets him. Percy is a man with a formidable education, an impeccable lineage, and a generous heart.

Sir Walter Raleigh is the final member of the School of Night. Poet, historian, and adventurer, Raleigh was one of the most admired–and envied–men of his time.

In 2011, The Globe Theatre’s production of one of Marlowe’s plays, DOCTOR FAUSTUS, received rave reviews. This atmospheric and evocative trailer gives you a sense of what the play is about: