Like many writers, listening to music is an essential part of my creative process. I create a playlist as I write, and will often listen to a song more than a hundred times in the course of writing the book.

Here is my playlist for Shadow of Night. The songs appear in the proper order to coincide with the action of the book:

1. Bells (Jane Siberry)
2. Take Me Back in Time (Idlewild)
3. Welcome to England (Tori Amos)
4. This Place in Time (Colleen)
5. Your Song (Kate Walsh)
6. And the Boys (Angus and Julia Stone)
7. Lately (Kate Rusby)
8. Girl with One Eye (Florence + the Machine)
9. Wolves (Song of the Shepherd’s Dog) (Iron and Wine)
10. Accidental Babies (Damien Rice)
11. Poison & Wine (The Civil Wars)
12. Near Life Experience (Lifehouse)
13. Ancient Sea (Elephant Revival)
14. Tethered for the Storm (The Gentle Good)
15. When the Wolves Go Blind (Twilight Hotel)
16. Missa Pro Defunctis-Agnus Dei (Cristobal Morales)
17. Immortal Memory (Lisa Gerrard)
18. Woods (Bon Iver)
19. Shadow Hunter (Lisa Gerrard)
20. Then the Letting Go (Bonnie Prince Billy)
21. Hands (Brooke Miller)
22. Living with Ghosts (Smoke Fairies)
23. Volcano (Damien Rice)
24. The Wizard (Bat for Lashes)
25. The Scientist (Coldplay)
26. Lady Marian (Clannad)
27. In Your Father’s Eyes (The Webb Sisters)
28. First Delphic Hymn to Apollo (Michael Levy)
29. Blood of Eden (Peter Gabriel)
30. In Love (Jon Foreman)
31. Song for Viola (Peter Bradley Adams)
32. I Will Love You (Fisher)
33. Four French Dances (Patricia Spero)
34. The Violet Hour (The Civil Wars)
35. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (Kate Rusby)
36. Broken (Antigone Rising)
37. Holding Your Hand (Thea Gilmore)
38. London Town (Isobel Heyworth)
39. O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Enya)
40. No Turning Back (Sarah Blasko)
41. Philosophia (The Guggenheim Grotto)
42. January Hymn (The Decembrists)
43. My Boy Builds Coffins (Florence + the Machine)
44. Brezairola (Anuna)
45. Salty Bite (Honneycombs)
46. Weaver (Heather Dale)
47. The Goodnight Song (The Webb Sisters)
48. Flags (Brooke Fraser)
49. Sorrow Be Gone (Gemma Hayes)
50. My Confessionary Hymn (Joshua James)
51. Sweeping Spell (Faun Fables)
52. Blinding (Florence + the Machine)
53. Dark Days (Braveyoung)
54. Dark Sky (The Webb Sisters)
55. The Mighty One (Maire Brennan)
56. Promontory (Circa Paleo)
57. Credo (Cristobal de Morales)
58. The Chase (Tori Amos)
59. Between Us (Peter Bradley Adams)
60. Be My Husband (Damien Rice)
61. Promised Womb (Dead Can Dance)
62. Sanvean (Lisa Gerrard)
63. Starlight (The Wailin ‘Jennys)
64. When the Time Is Right (Griffin House)
65. My Love Is My Love (Peter Bradley Adams)
66. La Fille Damnee (Cecile Corbel)
67. Cursum Perficio (Enya)
68. London Bridge Is Falling Down (Peter Bradley Adams)
69. Baby Sister (Damien Rice)
70. The Poison (All-American Rejects)
71. June Hymn (The Decemberists)
72. Elegy (Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy)
73. Fathers Father (Fisher)
74. Gypsy (Suzanne Vega)
75. Cannonball (Damien Rice)
76. Bring on the Wonder (Sarah McLachlan)
77. Sort Of (Instrumental) (Ingrid Michaelson)
78. Glow (Tina Dico)
79. All That I’m Asking For (Lifehouse)
80. Live Forever (Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors)
81. Maybe (Ingrid Michaelson)
82. The Weight of the World (Editors)
83. Saved (Finding Albert)
84. Through the Dark (KT Tunstall)
85. How Each Friend Departed (Thus Do the Gods) (Braveyoung)
86. Carry (Tori Amos)
87. Change of Time (Josh Ritter)
88. Long Journey (Sarah Jarosz)
89. Love Will Bring You Home (Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors)

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Amos’s Welcome to England.