Like many writers, listening to music is an essential part of my creative process. I create a playlist as I write, and will often listen to a song more than a hundred times in the course of writing the book.

As we get closer to the release date, I will be revealing more of the songs on my playlist. Here are a few to get started. They appear in the proper order to coincide with the action of the book:

  1. Bells, Jane Siberry
  2. Take Me Back in Time, Idlewild
  3. Welcome to England, Tori Amos
  4. This Place in Time, Colleen
  5. Your Song, Kate Walsh
  6. And the Boys, Angus and Julia Stone
  7. Lately, Kate Rusby
  8. Girl with One Eye, Florence + the Machine
  9. Wolves (Song of the Shepherd’s Dog), Iron & Wine
  10. Accidental Babies, Damien Rice
  11. Poison & Wine, The Civil Wars
  12. Near Life Experience, Lifehouse
  13. Ancient Sea, Elephant Revival

I belong to Spotify, and if you are a member you can keep track of the latest playlist and watch as it fills in here.

This month’s featured song is Tori Amos’s Welcome to England.