One of Summer 2012’s must-read books according to Entertainment Weekly, NPR, the LA Times, and MTV’s Act Blog!

In print

“Harkness shines again with ‘Shadow of Night’ …[which] takes us places we’ve never been before.” (USA Today)

“Enchanting, engrossing, and as impossible to put down as its predecessor, Shadow of Night is a perfect blend of fantasy, history and romance.  Its single greatest flaw is, after almost 600 pages, it’s over.  If you’ve already read and enjoyed A Discovery of Witches, picking up Shadow of Night is an absolute requirement.  Otherwise, pick up both, and consider your summer reading list complete.” (The Miami Herald)

“As delightful a journey into the past as it is an adventure into the fanciful cultures and conflicts between supernatural creatures.” (North County Times)

Shadow of Night  is such rich, period fun, particularly delightful in its witty characterization of historical immortals.”   (New York Daily News)

“a great spell, the one that can enchant a reader . . . is cast.” (Entertainment Weekly)

“Harkness proves she’s not suffering from a sophomore slump with this addictive tale of magic, mayhem and two lovers.” (The Chicago Tribune)

“Readers who enjoyed the first book’s striking detail and complex world-building will be equally as thrilled with this second book in the trilogy…”  (Library Journal Reviews)

“Harkness delights in lining up the living dead and modern academic history … [her] tale of a feminist Yankee in Queen Elizabeth’s court charms …” (Publisher’s Weekly)

“Destined to be as popular as its predecessor…the characterizations of 16th-century Oxfordshire with a paranormal twist … add a historical richness to the epic, while the plot sets readers up for the culminating struggle anticipated in the trilogy’s final book.” (Crystal Renfro, Library Journal)

We literally fell head over stilettos in love with volume one in the Trilogy Of Souls series – it even kick-started the book club because of our enthusiasm! If you loved Twilight but need to sink your teeth into a much more meaty, intelligent and feisty story – with an addictive love thread to boot – then read A Discovery Of Witches quick to whet your appetite for book two.” (Glamour Magazine UK)

From Booksellers

“I’m not sure I could have built this sequel up more in my head, but Shadow of Night surpassed all of my extravagant expectations. In this novel, Deborah Harkness brings back all of the characters and magic I’d loved in the first book, continuing the story of the struggles a mortal witch and an immortal vampire face in solving the mystery of their existences and dealing with hostility from a number of ancient factions. Here, again, is a beautifully-written novel that brings all of Harkness’s strengths as a scholar to bear on the question of how individuals fall in live and find a place in the world, giving the reader a real sense of having lived in the past worlds the novel depicts and thoroughly saturated in the joys of discovering knowledge. If you haven’t read Discovery of Witches yet, you should make that your next book. If you have, you’ll love Shadow of Night even more.”

–Sarah Connell, Water Street Bookstore
Exeter, NH

A Discovery of Witches left readers teased for the sequel and Deborah Harkness has lived up to the promise. Using her historian’s knowledge, she has a major part of the action set in Elizabethan England as the conflicts between witches, vampires and demons continue to escalate, all the while also setting the stage for what is certain to be a rousing conclusion to this trilogy.”

–Bill Cusumano, Nicola’s Books
Ann Arbor, MI

“WOW!!!!! I finished Shadow of Night in one day! I was off and I just stayed in my pjs and read all day long. I LOVED it. I actually thought it was better than Discovery of Witches in the sense that it was really full of history and magical lore, etc. She got all that sexual tension/romance out of the way in book 1 and did what I hoped in this book. The actual historical characters were so much fun to read about within the story.”

–Laura Donohoe, Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

“I fell for the characters in A Discovery of Witches, and now there are characters in Shadow of Night I’m equally invested in. Harkness’s take on some of the greatest historical figures is brilliant and completely believable. As Diana and Matthew move through history, we learn about it, and it comes alive, vibrant and real – smells, sights, sounds, they’re all there making this a truly sensual novel in the classic meaning of the word (rather than erotic) — and I love every the aspect of this book. There’s wonder and fun, heartbreak and intrigue, and a really cool dog. It’s the perfect sequel, taking us further into their story, giving the characters even more depth, and…well, I’m gushing, but it really is that good.” Fran, Seattle Mystery Bookshop

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“…the perfect summer read…There’s fantasy, there’s love, (and) there’s discovering your calling in life.” —CNN. com

“…casts a complex spell”  —