the-book-of-life-by-deborah-harkness-lr Characters in the All Souls Trilogy  Here is a handy reference to “who’s who” in the All Souls Trilogy so far. Please note: if you haven’t read A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night, this list will contain spoilers.


Agatha Wilson: Australian daemon, fashion designer, Congregation member

Christopher Marlowe: English poet, Matthew’s friend in 1590-1591


Edward Kelley: English alchemist, living in Prague in 1591

Hamish Osborne: Matthew’s best friend, former fellow of All Souls, and a financial genius

Nathaniel Wilson: son of Agatha Wilson, Marcus’s friend

Sophie Wilson: Nathaniel Wilson’s wife, and mother of Margaret Wilson (witch)

Thomas Harriot: English mathematician, Matthew’s friend in 1590-1591

Timothy: the latte-loving daemon with the mis-matched eyes in the Bodleian Library 


Blanca: Matthew’s wife in the sixth century, before he was made a vampire

Christopher Roberts: professor at Yale, Diana’s friend

Elizabeth I, Queen of England: monarch during Diana and Matthew’s time in England

Ernst Neumann: husband of Verin de Clermont

Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland: English aristocrat and Matthew’s friend in 1590-1591

Jack Blackfriars: orphan that Diana and Matthew adopted in London in 1591

Judah Ben-Loew: Rabbi in Prague, 1591

Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke: English poet and alchemist, friend of Diana in 1590-1591

Phoebe Taylor: employee of Sotheby’s. Romantically involved with Marcus Whitmore.

Sean: librarian at the Bodleian Library, Oxford

Walter Raleigh: English mariner and Matthew’s friend, 1590-1591

All Souls Trilogy Character Notes

All Souls Trilogy Character Notes (click to enlarge)


 Andrew Hubbard: the ‘vampire king’ of Elizabethan London

 Baldwin Montclair: Matthew Clairmont’s brother, son of Philippe de Clermont

 Benjamin Fuchs: Matthew Clairmont’s son

 Davy Hancock: Gallowglass’s friend in 1591


 Domenico Michele: Venetian vampire, member of the Congregation

 Gallowglass: son of Hugh de Clermont

 Gerbert of Aurillac: former pope, neighbor of the de Clermonts, Congregation member

 Louisa de Clermont: daughter of Ysabeau de Clermont

 Marcus Whitmore: Matthew Clairmont’s son. A physician and scientist.

 Matthew Clairmont: son of Ysabeau de Clermont and husband of Diana Bishop

 Miriam Shephard: Matthew’s scientific colleague in Oxford

Philippe de Clermont: husband of Ysabeau de Clermont, and former head of the de Clermonts

Verin de Clermont: daughter of Philippe de Clermont and wife of Ernst Neumann

Ysabeau de Clermont: mother of Matthew Clairmont and wife of Philippe de Clermont 


 Annie Undercroft: young witch that Diana and Matthew adopt in 1591

 Bridget Bishop: ancestor of Diana Bishop, hanged in Salem in 1692

 Diana Bishop: daughter of Rebecca and Stephen, and wife of Matthew Clairmont.  A weaver.

 Emily Mather: partner of Sarah Bishop

 Gillian Chamberlain: classicist from Bryn Mawr. Was in league with Peter Knox.

 Goody Alsop: the leader of Diana’s London coven. A weaver, like Diana.

 Margaret Wilson: daughter of Sophie and Nathaniel Wilson

 Peter Knox: member of the Congregation

 Rebecca Bishop: Diana Bishop’s mother. Married to Stephen Proctor.

 Sarah Bishop: aunt of Diana Bishop and partner of Emily Mather

 Satu Järvinen: Finnish witch who captured Diana Bishop. Congregation member.

 Steven Proctor: Diana Bishop’s father. A weaver, like his daughter.

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