The All Souls World


Here is a handy reference to “who’s who” in the books.

Please note: if you haven’t read A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of NightThe Book of Life and Time’s Convert, this list contains spoilers.

Agatha Wilson

Australian daemon, fashion designer, Congregation member. Sarah Bishop’s partner.

Andrew Hubbard

The ‘vampire king’ of Elizabethan London

Annie Undercroft

Young witch that Diana and Matthew adopt in 1591

Baldwin Montclair

Matthew Clairmont’s brother, a vampire and son of Philippe de Clermont

Benjamin Fuchs

A vampire also known as Benjamin Fox, he is Matthew de Clermont’s son.


Matthew’s wife in the sixth century before he was made a vampire.

Bridget Bishop

ancestor of Diana Bishop, hanged in Salem in 1692. A witch.

Deborah Harkness

Christopher Marlowe

English poet, playwright and also a member of the School of Night, Marlowe is a daemon and one of Matthew’s best friends in 1590-1591.

Deborah Harkness

Christopher Roberts

Professor at Yale, a human and Diana’s friend.

Davy Hancock

Gallowglass’s friend in 1591

Diana Bishop

A historian of alchemy who teaches at Yale University. Her alma maters include Bates College and New College, Oxford. She prefers tea to coffee, and her favorite food is pizza. When she’s not in the library, she might be found on the river in a quite long, very narrow boat. Daughter of Rebecca and Stephen, and wife of Matthew Clairmont. She also happens to be a witch, and a weaver.

Domenico Michele

Venetian vampire, member of the Congregation

Edward Kelley

English alchemist, living in Prague in 1591

Elizabeth I

Queen of England: monarch during Diana and Matthew’s time in England. Human.

Emily Mather

Partner of Sarah Bishop. A witch.

Ernst Neumann

Husband of Verin de Clermont. A human.

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Fernando Goncalves

Vampire and the mate of Hugh de Clermont. Member of the Knights of Lazarus and godfather to Rebecca Bishop-Clairmont.

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Vampire. De Clermont family servant, particular protector of Ysabeau.

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Freyja De Clermont

Vampire and daughter of Philippe De Clermont. Marcus Whitmore knows her as “Aunt Fanny”; he was the beneficiary of her relatively modern parenting ideas.


Son of Hugh de Clermont. Vampire.

Gerbert of Aurillac

Former pope, neighbor of the de Clermonts, Congregation member, vampire.

Gillian Chamberlain

Classicist from Bryn Mawr. A witch. Was in league with Peter Knox

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Godfrey de Clermont

A vampire, Godfrey was the third full-blooded son of Philippe de Clermont and stepbrother to Matthew. He was killed in battle in 1668, fighting in one of the French king Louis XIV’s wars.

Goody Alsop

The leader of Diana’s London coven. A witch and a weaver, like Diana.

Hamish Osborne

Matthew’s best friend, former fellow of All Souls, daemon, and a financial genius

Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland

An English aristocrat and Matthew’s human friend in 1590-1591, Henry Percy is not yet known as ‘the Wizard Earl’ when Diana meets him. Percy is a man with a formidable education, an impeccable lineage, and a generous heart.

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Hugh de Clermont

A vampire, Hugh was Philippe de Clermont’s eldest son and stepbrother to Matthew. He was also blood sire to Gallowglass. His mate was Fernando Goncalves. He was executed by the French king in 1314.

Jack Blackfriars

Human orphan that Diana and Matthew adopted in London in 1591, later made a vampire by Andrew Hubbard.

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Janet Gowdie

A modern witch and member of the Congregation, Janet is the daughter of the Bright Born Janet Gowdie (whose mother was the weaver, Isobel Gowdie, and father was the vampire, Benjamin de Clermont).

Judah Ben-Loew

Rabbi in Prague, 1591. Human.

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Juliette Durand

The beautiful vampire daughter of Gerbert d’Aurillac, who molded her into Matthew de Clermont’s perfect partner in an attempt to infiltrate and undermine the de Clermont family. For a time she and Matthew were romantically linked, but Matthew eventually uncovered her connection to Gerbert and left her. They met again when Juliette confronted Matthew and Diana in Madison, New York.

Louisa de Clermont

Daughter of Ysabeau de Clermont. Vampire.

Marcus Whitmore de Clermont

Matthew Clairmont’s son, vampire, Phoebe Taylor’s mate. A physician and scientist.

Margaret Wilson

A witch. Daughter of two daemons, Sophie and Nathaniel Wilson

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An ancient vampire, trusted and valued de Clermont family servant, close confidant of Ysabeau de Clermont, and godmother to Rebecca Bishop-Clairmont.

Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke

English poet and alchemist, friend of Diana in 1590-1591. A human.

Matthew Clairmont

Full name, Matthew Gabriel Philippe Bertrand Sebastien de Clermont, also known as Matthew de Clermont, Matthew Roydon, Shadow, Sebastian St. Clair, Gabriel ben Ariel, Matthew Chiaromonte. Matthew is the son of Ysabeau de Clermont, husband of Diana Bishop, father to Rebecca and Philip, and vampire father of Marcus Whitmore, among others. He is a geneticist, vampire, and fellow of All Souls College at Oxford University. His educational credentials are too extensive to list here. In addition to working in his laboratory, Matthew enjoys reading books written by old friends and collecting wine.


Miriam Shephard

Matthew’s scientific colleague in Oxford. Vampire. Phoebe’s maker.

Nathaniel Wilson

Daemon, computer whiz, son of Agatha Wilson, husband of Sophie Wilson, Margaret’s father, Marcus’s friend.

Peter Knox

Member of the Congregation. Witch.

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Philip Bishop-Clairmont

Bright-born son of Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont (De Clermont). Twin brother of Rebecca Bishop-Clairmont, who calls him “Pip”. He has a familiar, a griffin named Apollo.

Philippe de Clermont

Ancient vampire. Husband of Ysabeau de Clermont, and former head of the de Clermonts.

Phoebe Taylor

Employee of Sotheby’s. Mate of Marcus Whitmore. Vampire.

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Ransome Fayrweather

Ransome is Marcus Whitmore’s eldest son from his lawless vampire brood in New Orleans. Matthew de Clermont is his grandsire.

Rebecca Bishop

Witch. Diana Bishop’s mother. Married to Stephen Proctor.

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Rebecca Bishop-Clairmont

Also known as Becca.  Bright-Born daughter of Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont (De Clermont). Twin sister of Philip Bishop-Clairmont. Doted on by her uncle Baldwin.

Sarah Bishop

Aunt of Diana Bishop, partner of Emily Mather and, later, Agatha Wilson. Witch.

Satu Järvinen

Finnish witch who captured Diana Bishop. Congregation member.


Librarian at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Human.

Sophie (Norman) Wilson

Daemon, Nathaniel Wilson’s wife, and mother of Margaret Wilson (witch)

Stephen Proctor

Diana Bishop’s father. A weaver, like his daughter.

Thomas Harriot

An English mathematician and Matthew’s friend in 1590-1591, he’s a member of that group of radicals and free-thinkers, the School of Night. Like Marlowe, he is a daemon. But instead of imagining daring deeds and lost loves, Harriot is interested in mysteries of nature–especially those found in mathematics and the stars.

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Thomas Paine

American patriot and author of “Common Sense” whose ideas shaped Marcus’ ideas about independence, democracy, and the obligations of fathers and rulers.

Timothy Weston

The latte-drinking, dachshund-loving daemon with the mis-matched eyes of the Bodleian Library and Chipping Weston.

Verin de Clermont

Vampire. Daughter of Philippe de Clermont and wife of Ernst Neumann

Walter Raleigh

English mariner and member of the School of Night, he’s one of Matthew’s close friends in 1590-1591. A poet, historian, and adventurer, Raleigh was one of the most admired–and envied–men of his time. Human.

Ysabeau de Clermont

Mother of Matthew Clairmont and wife of Philippe de Clermont. Vampire.