The reviews of THE BOOK OF LIFE…

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“Ack! Damn you, Deborah Harkness! What will we do with ourselves now that Matthew and Diana’s story has concluded?! Harkness has produced perfection in The Book of Life. Matthew and Diana have returned to present day after their foray in the past and face new crises and enemies at every turn. Circumstances this time around make the search for the missing pages to Ashmore 782 even more critical to complete and Matthew and Diana once again lead the charge. Filled with passion, mystery, deceit, and plenty of surprises along the way, this conclusion is everything readers have asked for and more. I kissed this book and held it dearly to my chest when I finished it.”

–Bess B., McLean and Eakin Booksellers
Petoskey, MI

“Deborah Harkness does it again and the wait was well worth it! Her ability to weave science, history, magic, folklore (and even some social commentary) into a story full of mystery, suspense and romance is simply amazing. The scope of this saga is epic yet Harkness makes it feel so personal. I hope this really isn’t the end!!”

–Laura D., Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

“After two long years, the wait is finally over: The Book of Life, the final installment in Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy, wraps up the story of Matthew Clairmont and Diana Bishop and delivers it with a big, frilly bow on top. After a whirlwind romance, timewalking back to 16th century Europe, and declaring war against the Congregation, what else is there for the couple to do? Quite a bit actually…. With a few unexpected twists and turns to keep you on your toes, Harkness will keep you enthralled until the very last page in the perfect conclusion to her fantastic series.”

–Samantha G., Warwick’s
La Jolla, CA

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“The witch Diana’s and the vampire Matthew’s quests to discover their origins and confront the threats to their star-crossed union tie up as neatly as one of Diana’s magical weaver’s knots.”  (Kirkus Reviews) 

“History, science, and the unpredictable actions of paranormal characters with hidden agendas all swirl together to create a not-to-be-missed finale to a stellar paranormal series.” “Harkness delves more deeply into the political machinations of her world in this outing, weaving in a meaningful message about how ignorance, fear, and misinformation can drive a culture, with ramifications for generations to come.  (Library Journal)

“There is no shortage of action in this sprawling sequel, and nearly every chapter brings a wrinkle to the tale. The storytelling is lively and energetic, and Diana remains an appealing heroine even as her life becomes ever more extraordinary. A delightful wrap-up to the trilogy.” (Publishers Weekly)

“Harkness herself proves to be quite the alchemist as she combines elements of magic, history, romance, and science, transforming them into a compelling journey through time, space, and geography. By bridging the gaps between Harry PotterTwilight, and Outlander fans, Harkness artfully appeals to a broad range of fantasy lovers.” (Booklist)

“A bewitching end to the All Souls Trilogy . . . Harkness’ ambitious melding of scientific and historical detail is inventive and brings surprising depth to . . . real-life societal scourges.” (Los Angeles Times) 

“Harkness’ adept writing–rich in historical detail, supernatural mythology, romance and humor–and her diverse and complex characters created a celebrated trilogy for adult fantasy devotees, a trilogy with a bold social conscience.”  (San Diego Gay and Lesbian News)

“A superlative example in a subgenre you could call realistic fantasy–think Harry Potter but for grown-ups or Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Witches, vampires and daemons exist, along with time travel . . . Through them Harkness succeeds at the hardest part of writing fantasy:  she makes this world so real that you believe it exists–or at the very least that you wish that it did.”  (Miami Herald)

“Rejoice, Harkness fans!  The final installment in the bestselling All Souls Trilogy is here–and it’s juicy and action-packed.  As witch Diana Bishop and her beloved vampire Matthew Clairmont continue their search for the enchanted Ashmole 782 manuscript, they learn it’s not only the key to the origin of magical species but may also be essential to their own survival.  Even at 561 pages, this is one hardcover no one will mind lugging to the beach.” (People)