A reminder: THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS is released on Tuesday, 8 May. That means I will be on a US book tour for the next few weeks, starting in Seattle at University Book Store. The details are all on my Facebook page in the EVENTS area. They are also on my website.

We know not all of you can make it to a tour stop to get your books signed and hear me speak.

So, your friends at University Book Store will be LIVESTREAMING Tuesday’s event on Facebook. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/ubookstoreSeattle/. Since I don’t run the bookstore (or the universe, for that matter…) I can’t tell you when the feed will go live (I assume right around the same time the event starts, 7 pm PDT) or if they will be recording if for later viewer. You could probably hop over to their page now and ask them!

In addition, you can call any of the independent bookstores on the tour (again, details are in the EVENTS area of my Facebook page and on my website calendar) and pre-order and pay for shipping on a SIGNED copy of THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS. You can even tell them to make it out to you or someone you love (Mother’s Day is coming…). When I show up for an event, there is a truck full of books for me to sign for people who can’t make the event but want a signed book. I do them before the event starts, and then they get shipped out to you. There is no extra charge for the signature. There is an extra charge for the shipping, obviously. There are SIX independent bookstores on this tour, all of whom can help you with your order. Please be nice to the bookstore staff! Don’t get impatient with them if it takes a while to sort this out for you. They are trying to help, and going the extra mile FOR YOU. Obviously they cannot get you the book until after I am there–so don’t expect to receive a signed book on release day.

Thanks as ever for your support of #TheWorldofAllSouls!