In my endless pursuit of ways to manage my anxiety and foster a space for writing I’m always trying to devise #bulletjournal spreads that support creativity rather than tracking productivity. If you are a #bujo fanatic or just love your planner you know how easy it is to cross the line from managing to manic as you pursue that elusive goal of perfection. Because I cannot draw, everything must be achieved through stickers, straight lines, and blobs. Starting a new month always gives me a sense of hope that I am going to be able to embrace process and not perfection this time–not easy for us Type A personalities. I began a few weeks ago with DONE lists rather than daily to dos (that never got done and just made me anxious…). Then I started with a stepping stones spread on Monday and Tuesday–just a bunch of meandering blobs to get me through the day. Today I ended up with garden plots and the idea of planting seeds of ideas for later harvest. Sharing it for those who might be looking for some #bujoinspiration and to change things up as we enter the long days of summer. #bujoideas