“‘We’re here tonight to learn to manage our energy. We spend our time striving and straining to be something that we’re not. Let those desires go. Honor who you are.’

Amira took us through some gentle stretches and got us onto our knees to warm up our spines before we pushed back into downward dog.”

Creature yoga. The inspiration for this scene came from a yoga class with a wonderful instructor, Hanna House-Gilan. The music is hers (Full Metal Jacket’s cover of Elton John’s Rocket Man), the sentiment is hers (she is one of the most nurturing instructors I’ve ever had), and the message is as timely for ordinary humans as it is for creatures. We all need to work at honoring who we are, and having Amira-like empathy to honor those who are NOT as we are but deserve dignity and respect.

Whether you are a yoga practitioner or not, you will enjoy this amazing post that reader and yogini Aly Davis wrote for the Daemons Domain fan site. She explains the poses that I wrote about and even demonstrates them. And yes, she did find the pose that leaves you with one ear on the ground and the rest of your body aligned above it!  http://www.daemonsdomain.com/2015/03/Yoga-And-The-All-Souls-Trilogy.html

Image:  Aly Davis.  Photo by Jennifer Mahuet