“My face softened at his beautiful, ancient features. How could people walk by him on the street and not gasp. Before I could stop myself, my toes were gripping the old rug and I was stretching up to kiss him quickly on the cheek.”

Oh, a first kiss.

Over the course of the evening, in between the wine and the food and the conversation, Diana has given up trying to deny her feelings for Matthew.

Colleen Madden, the artist who is working on the All Souls Trilogy Companion captured the moment perfectly in her drawing, above.

This is the song that accompanied the writing of most of their conversation about wine and history and science. And yes, their first kiss, too. Here are the lyrics:

“You’re my water, you’re my wine
You’re my whiskey from time to time
You’re the hunger on my bones
All the nights I sleep alone
Sweet intoxication
When your words wash over me
Whether or not your lips move
You speak to me
Like an ocean without waves
You’re the movement that I crave
And in that motion I long to drown
And be lost not to be found
You’re my water, you’re my wine
You’re my whiskey from time to time.”

Over the Rhine, DRUNKARD’S PRAYER. Please support these amazing artists who have inspired me throughout the All Souls Trilogy, and purchase their music through legal channels if you have enjoyed it.