The past few weeks have been a time of change for me, as after several months of feeling unwell I’ve been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I recently had surgery to remove the tumor, and I’ll be undergoing treatment for months to come. I’ve been blessed with incredible doctors, a skilled and caring nursing team, and my family and friends are helping me get through the day-to-day process of living with cancer. Though the next six months will be challenging, I am hopeful about my prognosis.

I’m urging all of my readers to listen to their bodies and familiarize themselves with the symptoms of ovarian cancer. If something just doesn’t feel right for you, be persistent and see a gynecologist or other doctor as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding as I take time to heal and embark on the next stage of my journey. You may not see me posting as much but I will be checking in as often as I’m able.

♥️ Deb