A reminder as we enter the new year and an announcement-rich environment.

There is a lot going on this year:

a companion book (May 2018) + US publicity tour
a book about Marcus (date TBA) + publicity tours
a television show (autumn 2018)

I don’t get to determine when this information is shared with you. Sometimes, you know before I do!

I only confirm what I am able to confirm.
I only share what I am allowed to share.
I am not “refusing” to tell you things.

There is no point in asking me when you will find out, for instance, who the US broadcaster (or the broadcaster in ______) is because I don’t control such announcements.

The latest information is ALWAYS on my website, http://deborahharkness.com/ When in doubt, check it out. If there isn’t news there, there probably isn’t news.

I ALWAYS post updates here, on Twitter, and on Instagram. Due to the vagaries of these social media platforms (which I also do not control) you might miss the announcement. See above for what to do.

In the upcoming weeks, I know FOR SURE you are going to get the following:

1. the US tour dates for the companion book in May 2018 (actually, you’ll get those tomorrow)
2. the title and US/UK release date for the Marcus book
3. the cover of the Marcus book

All your other questions will be answered when someone in an office somewhere decides it’s time. That someone is not me, alas.

Thanks in advance for your patience, and for coming along on this wild, All Souls ride!