Dear Prof. Harkness:

Q:  Are you planning to write another trilogy?

A: Well, the trilogy is the first three books of the All Souls Series. The story continues in book 4, TIME’S CONVERT (out now). Book 5 will be out next year (fingers crossed), then book 6, book 7.

I am still working on All Souls Series book #5. It’s coming along well but keeps changing (that’s a good thing!) with lots of twists and turns.  As soon as I can tell you more I will.  

Q: Will Book 5 be a “Diana and Matthew” book, or will it center on a different character?

A: Not ready to say quite yet. All the books will have Diana and Matthew in them, but other stories need to be told too! 

Q: I know you are currently writing novels in the All Souls Universe, but do you have plans to write an entirely new series in the future? If you do, will you write under a pseudonym?

A: I don’t do pseudonyms. And I can’t imagine writing another series besides the All Souls Series but I would like to write some historical fiction. Without vampires.  

PS. Have just cracked open notebook #3 for my #WIP, the 5th installment in the #AllSoulsSeries. What does that mean? I’m approaching the end of the writing. Next comes the editing and rewriting. When will I finish? No clue. What’s it about? Will tell you soon…


x Deb