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Jane and Bad Wolf represent my dream team for bringing the trilogy to life. Every conversation we have had about the books shows how thoroughly they understand the All Souls World and how deeply they’re committed to creating something very special with this series.A glance at the projects they’ve been involved with—including the reboot of Dr. WhoLife on Mars, Waking the Dead, MI5/Spooks, Torchwood, David Copperfield, Silent Witness, Ashes to Ashes, The Way We Live Now, and Rome—makes it clear that they are drawn to compelling characters and storylines with twists that keep viewers tuning in for each new episode.


Here are all the territories with closed deals. I can only announce particulars when I am given permission or find information on the web from the broadcasters that give particulars. There are many more deals in the works. As ever, I will update you as soon as there is news. Please note this update includes new information (Korea, Greece) and updates on older information (Hungary, Bulgaria).

UK, Sky One/NowTV—14 Sepember 2018
Sweden, HBO Nordic—15 Sepember
Bulgaria, HBO Bulgaria—15 September
Denmark, HBO Nordic—15 September
Finland, HBO Nordic—15 September
Hungary, HBO Hungary—15 September
Norway, HBO Nordic—15 September
Sweden, HBO Nordic—15 September
Spain, Sky Espana—6 November
Australia, Fox8 on Foxtel–15 November
Canada, Sundance Now/Shudder/Sundance TV—early 2019
Guam, Sundance Now/Shudder/Sundance TV—early 2019
Northern Mariana Islands, Sundance Now/Shudder/Sundance TV—early 2019
Puerto Rico, Sundance Now/Shudder/Sundance TV—early 2019
USA, Sundance Now/Shudder/Sundance TV—early 2019
Virgin Islands (US), Sundance Now/Shudder/Sundance TV—early 2019
Andorra, Sky Espana—date TBA
New Zealand, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Angola, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Cape Verde, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Croatia, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Czech Republic, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Equatorial Guinea, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Guinea-Bissau, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Macedonia, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Moldova, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Montenegro, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Mozambique, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Poland, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Portugal, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Romania, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Sao Tome and Principe, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Serbia, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Slovakia, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Slovenia, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Kosovo Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Greece, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Israel, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Austria, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Germany, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Liechtenstein, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Luxembourg, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
South Tyrol, Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Switzerland Broadcaster TBA—date TBA
Korea (South), Broadcaster TBA—date TBA

Thank you for your patience!

Professor Harkness

Manic Monday News Update: US/Canada Broadcaster, UK premiere date, and all the fun at Comic Con!

Taking a minute today to update you on all the news from this past weekend. As some of you know, I was invited to Comic Con this year. Thanks to those of you were able to fold me into your plans and attend one of the panels or signings. It was a busy, busy weekend. Here are some highlights.

US BROADCAST PARTNER ANNOUNCED: At the A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES TV panel with we announced that Sundance Now and Shudder, the streaming platforms for the AMC Network, will be the first to show the series in the US and Canada. Both of these services are like Netflix, and stream directly to your smart TV, through Roku, via Chromecast, on Apple TV, or whatever other gizmo you like. It’s also available on your device or computer. And, if you are Amazon Prime members who uses their video service, or their add-ons like Britbox or Acorn, Sundance Now and Shudder are just the same–you can add them to your channels. If you aren’t familiar with these services, Sundance Now and Shudder have very reasonable pay-as-you-go plans for $6.99 a month, and a yearly subscription that works out to $4.99 a month. At the moment Sundance Now and Shudder plan on bringing the series to US and Canadian viewers early in 2019. Things change, though, so use the sign up button here on my website to subscribe to the email newsletter if you haven’t already so as to avoid being left out of the loop. After premiering on Sundance Now and Shudder, the series will be available on the Sundance Channel, which is included in many cable packages. No date for that at present.

UK PREMIERE DATE: we also announced that the TV show will premiere in the UK on 14 September 2018. Yep. Friday the 14th. Weirdly, that is about ten years to the day I started writing ADOW. Magic?

OTHER COUNTRIES: there are deals in place for broadcasting in many other countries. Sadly, I’m not able to share those with you–only the broadcasters can do that. So stay tuned and we will let you know as soon as we can.

INKPOT AWARD: finally, I received one of Comic Con’s Inkpot Awards. These are awarded annually for achievements in Science Fiction and Fantasy writing, as well as in other Comic Con fields of interest like animation, television, and film. It is a profound honor–and it was a huge surprise–to be counted among such legends as Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, and Marion Zimmer Bradley.

This week we will be releasing another excerpt from TIME’S CONVERT (Tuesday) and the US Tour details (Thursday). Other announcements will come steadily as we approach the UK premiere and learn details about AMC’s plans for ADOW TV.

If you haven’t already, it really might be a good time to subscribe to the newsletter. We’ve put a “Sign Up” button right on our site’s home page to make it easy for you to do so. We promise not to spam you. Our newsletters come straight to your emailbox once a month, unless there are really, really important things to announce (like tour dates, or the broadcaster updates, etc.)

Until tomorrow, enjoy these pictures from Comic Con!

x Deb


The new trailer for A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES…

…has landed, starring Teresa Palmer and #MatthewGoode. Enjoy. Sky One NOW TV#ComingSoontoSky

And no, I don’t have any more broadcaster information I can share for other countries. You need to ask Sky One and Bad Wolf about that.


The new trailer for A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES has landed, starring Teresa Palmer and #MatthewGoode. Enjoy. Sky One NOW TV #ComingSoontoSkyAnd no, I don't have any more broadcaster information I can share for other countries. You need to ask Sky One and Bad Wolf about that. <3

Posted by Deborah Harkness on Monday, June 25, 2018


Meet our Baldwin, Trystan Gravelle

Gruff soldier. Ruthless power broker. Head of the family. Meet our Baldwin, Trystan Gravelle (Anonymous, Mr. Selfridge)! Welcome to the All Souls Family, Trystan. We can’t wait to see you kicking a$$ and taking names in the A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES television series. Thanks to Sky One and Bad Wolf for another exciting piece of casting.

x Deb


Behold the first official photos from the A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES TV series, shared with us today by our friends at Sky One.

I’m delighted to be able to share and hope that you enjoy them.

To all my readers in the US, I hope you have a joyful Thanksgiving.


Meet our Marthe

Fierce. Loyal. Canny. Warm. Wise. Meet our Marthe, played by the extraordinary Sorcha Cusack. You might recognize her from Father Brown and the BBC series River.

Welcome to the All Souls Family, Sorcha. You are the perfect Marthe and we are so very glad that you are willing to take on the de Clermonts

Another cast reveal!

Introducing Balthazar and Rakasa, ridden by Matthew and Teresa. Prince (playing Balthazar) is a Friesian. Pinot (playing Rakasa) is an Andalusian.


Look what awaited me at @BadWolf_TV: messages of support from @AllSoulsCon attendees! Cast, crew, & production staff are so grateful for your continued good wishes for @ADiscoveryOfWTV! Hop over to @adiscoveryofwitchestv on Instagram to listen to the messages on their instastory.

x Deb

Casting announcement: Daniel Ezra

The newest member of the #ADiscoveryofWitches television family is Daniel Ezra!

This extraordinary actor is playing the role of Nathaniel Wilson, one of our daemons and member of the Conventicle. He is half of our pair of revolutionaries along with Edward Bluemel (Marcus).

Join me in welcoming Daniel to the All Souls family. If you are interested in seeing more of Daniel, you can see a marvelous portfolio of portraits, entitled “Othello Reborn,” by photographers Meet the Masons:  https://the-dots.com/projects/othello-reborn-daniel-ezra-95848