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Jane and Bad Wolf represent my dream team for bringing the trilogy to life. Every conversation we have had about the books shows how thoroughly they understand the All Souls World and how deeply they’re committed to creating something very special with this series.A glance at the projects they’ve been involved with—including the reboot of Dr. WhoLife on Mars, Waking the Dead, MI5/Spooks, Torchwood, David Copperfield, Silent Witness, Ashes to Ashes, The Way We Live Now, and Rome—makes it clear that they are drawn to compelling characters and storylines with twists that keep viewers tuning in for each new episode.

Another cast reveal!

Introducing Balthazar and Rakasa, ridden by Matthew and Teresa. Prince (playing Balthazar) is a Friesian. Pinot (playing Rakasa) is an Andalusian.


Look what awaited me at @BadWolf_TV: messages of support from @AllSoulsCon attendees! Cast, crew, & production staff are so grateful for your continued good wishes for @ADiscoveryOfWTV! Hop over to @adiscoveryofwitchestv on Instagram to listen to the messages on their instastory.

x Deb

Casting announcement: Daniel Ezra

The newest member of the #ADiscoveryofWitches television family is Daniel Ezra!

This extraordinary actor is playing the role of Nathaniel Wilson, one of our daemons and member of the Conventicle. He is half of our pair of revolutionaries along with Edward Bluemel (Marcus).

Join me in welcoming Daniel to the All Souls family. If you are interested in seeing more of Daniel, you can see a marvelous portfolio of portraits, entitled “Othello Reborn,” by photographers Meet the Masons:  https://the-dots.com/projects/othello-reborn-daniel-ezra-95848



An exclusive cast reveal for #TeamTabitha


Meet Tabitha, aka “ma petite.”

This is Amber, a superior sort of feline, taking a well-deserved diva nap between takes. She was unavailable for comment at this time.

Thank you to Bad Wolf for tirelessly negotiating with Ms. Amber’s (no last name, like Cher) agents and representatives for this inside scoop


Meet director Alice Troughton!

Our “meet the team Tuesdays” continue with the talented Alice Troughton, our director for the second block of shooting, i.e. episodes 3, 4, and 5.

What’s covered in these episodes? Let’s see…

Sept-Tours. Meeting Ysabeau. Witchwater. BUNDLING. Should I go on??

When I started this TV lark, I didn’t realize that directors on series changed at fairly regular intervals. That makes sense, in retrospect, because the directors are also the ones who do all the post-production editing (including working with sound and special effects). So while the first block director is finishing up with shooting this week, Alice is just starting with block 2. Then, as the first block moves into post-production, Alice will keep shooting the second block through the rest of this year before heading to the editing studio as the as-yet-to-be-named director for Block 3 takes the helm. Complicated, yes?

What’s not complicated at all is that Alice is a PERFECT choice to direct this show. She comes to us with credits that include directing Dr. Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Merlin, Atlantis, and The Living and the Dead. Pretty impressive resume!

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, we are in very good hands. I know that you will all welcome Alice to the All Souls Family. You can follow her on twitter at @alicetroughton, and on Instagram @alicetroughton1408.


The television adaptation of A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES has a few new characters:

One of them is Matthieu Beny, played by British actor Freddie Thorpe. He’s in Venice this week for the final week of Block 1 (eps. 1 & 2) filming. Welcome to the All Souls Family, Freddie! We can’t wait for everybody to find out about your role in our story.

We’ll have more announcements over the next week as we segue into Block 2 (eps 3, 4, 5) so stay tuned here and on other social media so you don’t miss them!



(I’m not) On location in Venice

From DP Suzie Lavelle’s instagram feed. She writes “Rigging day! Boats for trucks!”

It’s the final week of the block #1 (eps. 1 and 2) shooting schedule for A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES. That means director Juan Carlos Medina, First Assistant Director Helen Ostler, and Director of Photography Suzie Lavelle, with their cast and crew, are on location in VENICE.

No. I’m not there. Like you, I’m scouring Instagram for shots like these, and living vicariously through social media.

Wondering why we’re in Venice in episodes 1 and 2? Remember: the book is mostly from Diana’s point of view. The television show isn’t. That means while Diana is in Oxford meeting Matthew, some of our other characters are in Venice, plotting and planning…

Enjoy the photos, all taken by cast and crew members. Hop over to Instagram for more. While block #1 is shooting in Venice, block #2 starts on Monday in Wales. More to come!


Vamping around with Domenico and Juliette. From Elarica Johnson’s Instagram feed

View from the Fondaco dei Tedeschi. From Helen Ostler’s Instagram feed

Juan Carlos Medina, Helen Ostler, and Suzie Lavelle–high powered production meeting in progress!! photo from @adiscoveryofwitchestv on Instagram

Venice’s colors are like nowhere else on earth. Photo by @adiscoveryofwitchestv on Instagram

Night falls in Venice. Still from a video on Helen Ostler’s Instagram feed

Director Juan Carlos Medina (far left), and DP Suzie Lavelle (center) at work in Venice. Photo from @adiscoveryofwitchestv on Instagram





A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES real-time reading, 1 October (chapter 12):

“Passing by the dome of the Radcliffe Camera, where the undergraduates read their assigned books, and the medieval walls of Jesus College, I went shopping along the aisles of Oxford’s Covered Market.”

I’ve just returned home from Oxford. I joined the cast and crew during their week filming in the city of dreaming spires. We saw lots of fans, and it was magical to be there at exactly the right time of year.

Here are some pictures taken by me and other members of the crew that refer back to the sentence above to help put you in the mood for Matthew and Diana’s romantic dinner.

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) out and about Oxford.

Photo of the Radcliffe Camera captured by a member of our fabulous crew, Jake Pope. (jakep5552 on Instagram). Only a professional could have captured this glorious shot!