…to all of my readers and fans of A Discovery of Witches TV.

Cat asked what our resolutions were for this year. 2019 is all about perspective, empathy, and gratitude for me. My spirit animal for the year is this whale, who I was blessed to spend some time with today off the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. He (and it is a he–the females are all in the tropics as it is breeding season) is my reminder to take note of the big picture and to ride the waves. He is also a good reminder not to let anyone try to make you smaller than you are. Thank you Rachel Hollis for that tip. Did you know whales have empathy? They do. So he will remind me of that, too. And I am so grateful to have an opportunity to be out in glorious nature on this New Year’s Day. All I need to feel grateful is to step outside and see the sky and the sea. It makes me determined, too, to make this world a better place and to preserve and protect it. Thank you for all YOU have done to make 2018 truly amazing. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and hopeful 2019.

♥️ Deb.

PS Gallowglass sends his regards.