We’ve put together this FAQ for anyone who has enjoyed A Discovery of Witches, and wants to know more about this world that Deborah Harkness has created:


Q: I’m new to this–how many books are in the All Souls series? 

A: There are four books, so far. In order, from first to fourth:  A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES, SHADOW OF NIGHT, THE BOOK OF LIFE, and TIME’S CONVERT.  



Q:  I’m reading the series and now I want to know more about witchcraft/alchemy/American Revolution, etc. Can you help?

A:  Yes.Deb has put together lists of recommendations for further reading which cover all kinds of subjects covered in the books. You can find the lists here and can purchase many of them from Bookshop or through your favorite bookseller, or borrow them through your local library.  You might also want to get your hands on a copy of Deb’s guide to the All Souls Trilogy, THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS, if you want to take a deeper dive into the background of the first three books. 


Q:  I’ve finished the series and want to know what to read next. Does Deb have any fiction recommendations?  

A: You can find some of Deb’s book recommendations here, as well as on her Goodreads and BookBub pages.  And if you’re a member of the All Souls Discussion Group on Facebook, her readers share their current book recommendations every other Friday.


Q:  Will Deb write more books in the All Souls series?

A:  Yes! She is working on Book #5 and Book #6. Whichever one she finishes first will become the next book in the All Souls Series. Both of these Works-In-Process are set within the All Souls world (and, before you ask, neither of these books are focused on Gallowglass’s story).  


Q: I don’t want to miss any announcements about the next book.  What’s the best way to keep up with the latest news? 

A: She is still writing, so we don’t have any information about titles or publication dates yet, but rest assured that we will share that information on her public Facebook page, on her website’s home page, on her Instagram and Twitter, and via her monthly newsletter, as soon as there is anything to share!


Q:  There’s an official newsletter?

A:  Yes, it’s called THE BLAST, it’s free and it usually arrives near the end of each month.  Sign up here: https://deborahharkness.com/?s=the+blast


Q: I’d really like to talk to other people who enjoy these stories as much as I do. Where can I find them? 

There is a large and expanding online community around the All Souls series.  Here’s a list which includes quite a few podcasts devoted to the books and show, and some specialized Facebook groups: https://deborahharkness.com/for-fans-of-deb-harkness/fan-sites-and-links/.  If you’re more interested in meeting up in person (when it’s safe to do so), check out the All Souls Con and conventicles: https://deborahharkness.com/conventicles-a-brief-primer/


Q:  Can I buy official merch like a car magnet or tote bag? 

A: You’re in luck! Deb has a Zazzle store: https://www.zazzle.com/store/deborahharkness

Q:  What else should I check out?

A: We recommend Deb’s Spotify playlists, the Real Time Reads and the book Read Alongs on Facebook, and Deb’s Facebook videos and her Instagram Lives.