Q.  I’ve finished Deborah Harkness’ All Souls trilogy and I’m wondering if there are more books?

A. Yes, she has published a 4th book in the All Souls series, TIME’S CONVERT. It picks up the story of Matthew, Diana, and the twins, a year after the action in THE BOOK OF LIFE. It also tells Marcus’ story, and follows the transformation of Phoebe into a vampire.  

Q. Okay, now I’ve read TIME’S CONVERT.  Will there be more more books?

A.  Yes! Deb is working on Book #5 and Book #6. Whichever one she finishes first will become the next book in the All Souls Series. So yes, both of these Works-In-Process are set within the All Souls world (and, before you ask, neither of these books are focused on Gallowglass’s story). Deb is still writing, so we don’t have any information about titles or publication dates but rest assured that she will share that information on her website, on her social feeds, and in her newsletter when it’s available.