Hello, everybody! It’s been a while since I updated you on the various broadcasters we have for the A Discovery of Witches tv show. What follows is an alphabetical list by country (American names, sorry, I started to mess up when I translated them!) and the broadcasters.

There are still deals that are being negotiated. Until they are finalized I can’t announce them. I know you will understand.

I am afraid I don’t have release dates for all of these territories. Usually I don’t get a heads-up and its hard for me to search for them in all the different languages. If you know the show has been shown by the broadcaster named in your area, please let me know and I will update the post–and my spreadsheet!

Thank you all for your patience as we get season 1 up and on the air all around the world. And in case you hadn’t heard: stay tuned for Seasons 2 and 3, because the show has been renewed for two more seasons.

Huge thanks to all the readers and viewers who have made the show such a success!

X  Deb

American Samoa Fox
Andorra Sky Espana (6 November 2018)
Angola HBO (15 September 2018))
Africa (at least 36 countries) Showmax (1 May 2019)
Armenia Kinopoisk/Yandex
Australia Foxtel (15 November 2018))
Austria Sky Deutschland (Spring 2019)
Azerbaijan Kinopoisk/Yandex
Belarus Kinopoisk/Yandex
Bosnia and Herzegovina HBO (15 September 2018)
Brunei Fox
Bulgaria HBO
Cambodia Fox
Canada SundanceNow, Shudder, Sundance (17 January 2019)
Cape Verde HBO
China Fox
Cook Islands Fox
Croatia HBO (15 September 2018)
Czech Republic HBO (15 September 2018)
Denmark HBO (15 September 2018)
East Timor Fox
Eire Sky (14 September 2018)
Equatorial Guinea HBO
Fiji Fox
Finland HBO (15 September 2018)
French Polynesia Fox
Georgia Kinopoisk/Yandex
Germany Sky Deutschland (Spring 2019)
Greece OTE
Guam SundanceNow, Shudder, Sundance (2019)
Guinea-Bissau HBO
Hong Kong Fox
Hungary HBO (15 September 2018)
Indonesia Fox
Israel DBS
Japan Fox
Kazakhstan Kinopoisk/Yandex
Kiribati Fox
Kosovo HBO
Kyrgystan Kinopoisk/Yandex
Laos Fox
Liechtenstein Sky Deutschland (Spring 2019)
Luxembourg, Sky Deutschland (Spring 2019)
Macau Fox
Macedonia HBO
Malaysia Fox
Maldives Fox
Marshall Islands Fox
Micronesia Fox
Moldova HBO
Moldova Kinopoisk/Yandex
Mongolia Fox
Montenegro HBO
Mozambique HBO
Myanmar Fox
Nauru Fox
New Caledonia Fox
New Zealand Sky New Zealand (7 November 2018)
Niue Fox
Northern Mariana Islands SundanceNow, Shudder, Sundance
Northern Mariana Islands Fox
Norway HBO (15 September 2018)
Palau Fox
Papua New Guinea Fox
Philippines Fox
Pitcairn Fox
Poland HBO
Portugal HBO
Puerto Rico SundanceNow, Shudder, Sundance
Romania HBO
Russia Kinopoisk/Yandex
São Tomé and Principe HBO
Serbia HBO
Singapore Fox
Slovakia HBO
Slovenia HBO
Solomon Islands Fox
South Korea CJ ENM
South Korea Fox
South Tyrol Sky Deutschland (Spring 2019)
Spain Sky Espana (6 November 2018)
Sweden HBO (15 September 2018)
Switzerland Sky Deutschland (Spring 2019)
Tahiti Fox
Taiwan Fox
Tajikistan Kinopoisk/Yandex
Thailand Fox
Tokelau Fox
Tonga Fox
Turkmenistan Kinopoisk/Yandex
Tuvalu Fox
UK Sky/Now TV (14 September 2018)
Ukraine Kinopoisk/Yandex
USA SundanceNow, Shudder, Sundance (17 Jan 2019)
Uzbekistan Kinopoisk/Yandex
Vanuatu Fox
Vietnam Fox
Virgin Islands (US) SundanceNow, Shudder, Sundance
Wallis and Futuna Islands Fox
Western Samoa Fox