Hello! For me, it’s officially the end of the academic year and the beginning of summer. For most of you, summer is officially still weeks away. But here in Los Angeles, the temps hit the upper 80s for the first time, the sun is out, and the flowers are in full bloom so it certainly seems like summertime, with long days and cool nights. Right now I’m looking out the window at a gorgeous pink-and-blue sunset, the promise of a beautiful day tomorrow.

Summer doesn’t mean “VACATION” for me, however. For most academics, myself included, summer means “writing.” Without classes to meet, there is a bit of extra room in the schedule for getting stories down on the page–and on the screen. So here’s what’s going on at the moment, and what will keep me busy for the next few weeks.

THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS: A COMPANION TO A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES, SHADOW OF NIGHT, AND THE BOOK OF LIFE (aka TWOAS) will be released in May 2018 in time for Mother’s Day. Everybody at the press, and all the people on the author/illustrator team, are so excited about this book. It’s a chunky (500+ pp!), beautifully-illustrated volume of lore, revelations (birthdays! Gallowglass’s full name!!), insider scoops, and more about the world of the trilogy. It took five of us about a year to pull it all together but the effort has paid off in something that we think is beautiful, readable, and full of discoveries. We combed through my file cabinets and notebooks (like the one pictured here, where I was trying to figure out just who Timothy Weston was) to gather all kinds of arcane information for you. We’ve seen the cover, but we’re going to wait to share that with you until the book is ready for pre-order in August. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know here and in the newsletter when that happens so you won’t miss anything.

TV: In case you missed the announcement last week, the producers of the television adaptation, Bad Wolf, opened their new studio in Wales. A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES is the first show that will be filmed there, and they had a good time sprinkling clues around in the studio (see picture). At this point, four writers have been working on the project, the casting director is casting major roles, the director and producer are doing location scouting, and I have a schedule in my hands that contains phrases such as “FIRST DAY OF SHOOTING” and “WRAP PARTY.” This makes it all feel very real, doesn’t it? I know it is hard to believe, and that you are patiently waiting for announcements about broadcasters in the UK, US, and around the world and for casting news and they promise me that you will get this information–eventually. Trust me: nobody wants to tell you more than I do, but it’s not up to me and so we wait.

THE ALL SOULS CON: At the moment there are readers joining in from 23 countries around the world–both on site and through the online feed–on 23 September 2017. There are still tickets available to attend the Con in person, and the schedule of events is shaping up beautifully. I will be there, as well as the Companion author/illustrator team, and who knows there may be some surprise guests! New Orleans is one of my favorite cities, and there is so much to do, see, and EAT. The fund raising breakfast is sold out (proceeds go to the Bodleian, so hooray!), and tickets are now on sale at $79 per person (until Matthew’s birthday on June 15, after which the price rises to $99) which includes all of the events on the day, goodie bags, a place in the signing line, and more. DO NOT WORRY. If you are there, you will have PLENTY of chances to meet me, chat, and take photos. I’m a mingler–just try and get out of there without me walking up to you and introducing myself! Our host hotel, NOPSI, is in the heart of the city a few blocks from Canal Street. Check out the All Souls Con website for more information and to watch a video from the 2015 convention: http://allsoulscon.org/

That’s all from me for now. Still to come this summer: an update on the next chapters in the Bishop-Clairmont family saga, TWOAS cover reveal, broadcaster announcements, casting, the first pictures of the sets…so STAY TUNED! And if you’re afraid to miss a moment, go to the home page on my website, https://deborahharkness.com/, and sign up at the bottom of the page for THE BLAST, our monthly email newsletter (please note: it comes from THE BLAST so check your junk mail folders if you have signed up and not received it yet). This way you will always be sure to have a regular update and we promise not to spam you.

I’ll be back with a link to my June Inspiration board on Pinterest, and newsletter subscribers can look forward to getting THE BLAST next week. Until then, enjoy the final days of May and see you again for the regularly monthly update in June (or sooner if there is news I can share).