Absolutely. When it’s the Friday before the publication date on Tuesday, 18 September and when I have a 3+ hour Time’s Convert playlist to share with you!

These are the songs I listened to when I was writing the new book. Some are about Marcus. Some about Phoebe. There are a few Freyja songs, a few Diana songs, and some Matthew songs. There’s even a song or two for the twins! All you have to do to listen to them is to head over to Spotify.

Because TIME’S CONVERT braids three narrative strands together (Diana, Matthew and the twins; Marcus; Phoebe) these songs aren’t in any particular order. Instead, the fun is all in figuring out which song belongs to which character! When you read the book, you might be able to match a song to a particular moment, too, but it’s more likely it will link up to several moments in a character’s journey.

I hope you enjoy getting ready for the book release with these great songs by some fabulous artists. And if you like the music you hear on Spotify, please support them by purchasing their work through legal channels.

I can’t wait to hear your comments on the new music. Here’s the Spotify link: