With a British mum I grew up in America with a clothesline. It was filled in all weathers except torrential downpours. It was something of a mystery to our neighbors, all of whom had tumbledryers (as we did). It was the 70s. Clothes hanging out to dry was for other people–not suburban families outside Philadelphia. But there is nothing like washing fresh off the line. And in this era of global warming maybe it’s time we went back to it. When I bought this house, one of the first things I did was decide where the clothesline was going. Everybody thought I was nuts. It’s the PNW. It rains here. A lot. Nevertheless, I persisted, and strung up a retractable set of lines between the house and the garage. One of the lines is sheltered from the worst of the rain. It is filled with drying clothes in all weathers except torrential downpours. And, on a day like today, with a nice breeze and lots of sun, things will dry wrinkle free in half the time of a tumble dryer. #winning

Napkins from @_thebluepeony_ and @bayviewfarmandgarden

Linen pinafore apron from @editwhidbey

Tea towels from @starstore307 and @bayviewfarmandgarden