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For general inquiries, write to:  

info AT deborahharkness DOT com

For events, interviews, and publicity information, contact:

Jill AT deborahharkness DOT com

For information about book tours and publications in the United States, contact:

Sarah Breivogel, Ballantine Publicity

sbreivogel  AT penguinrandomhouse DOT com

Brianna Kusilek, Ballantine Publicity

bkusilek AT penguinrandomhouse DOT com

Deborah's literary agent is:

Celeste Fine

Park & Fine Literary and Media
55 Broadway, Suite 1601
New York, NY   10006

(tel) 212-691-3500

info AT parkfine DOT com

For film and television inquiries, contact:

Rich Green

The Gotham Group 

Rich AT gotham-group DOT com

Other inquiries:

Jill Hough

Office of Deborah Harkness
2050 S. Cedar Street #329
Imlay City, MI 48444

info AT deborahharkness DOT com

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