I had to check the calendar twice because I couldn’t believe two weeks had passed since my update. It only seemed like a few days!

Why? Because so much is going on right now as the production schedule, as well as publicity and marketing, switch into high gear.

THE BOOK: I’ve seen the design layouts for THE BOOK OF LIFE (pictured here). My book designer Francesca (the same wizard who designed ADOW and SON) has done her usual amazing job with the final book in the trilogy. The design drafts come to me in giant sheets, with examples of all the special fonts, design elements, and beautiful, original features such as the chapter number surrounds. Like a robin in springtime, this is the first sign I have that a real *book* is on its way, and it’s always a very special moment in the life of a book.

I’m also reviewing Maureen the copy editor’s suggestions and queries, trying to iron out 99% of the inconsistencies and mistakes. There will always be a few left–a reminder that nobody is perfect!–but we do our best. Once we’re all happy with the edits, the book will be set according to Francesca’s designs and page proofs will be produced. Those will then be proofread and edited one more time before the book goes into production so that copies can be in the warehouse ready to be mailed to stores for July 15.

THE US TOUR: The dates have been set for the major public events this summer in the US. The tour includes 25 public appearances in 29 days–so far. While it is highly unlikely other US cities will be added, additional events in the cities I’m already going to may be, so keep checking back for updates. Also (and this is important): please check back with the bookstore or venue itself two months before the event and then two weeks before the event to make sure nothing has changed. The reason? As more of you call about tickets, order books, etc., bookstores may decide they are running out of space and move the event to a nearby venue and/or decide to distribute tickets or wristbands even if the event was not supposed to have those in the beginning. Sometimes start times are moved up because we realize I will need more time to sign your books. This has already happened at the Tattered Cover in Denver, where the start time has been moved up to 7 pm. We (the bookstores and I) would rather you all be happy than turn you away. Whenever there are changes we will update them on my Deborah Harkness Facebook page on the EVENTS tab and here on the website ( but you need to be proactive and make a note in your calendar to check with the store/event on May 15, and again two weeks before for your own peace of mind.

TRAVEL TO CANADA, THE UK, EUROPE, and ELSEWHERE: for those of you in other parts of the world, travel plans are beginning to be set. For Canada and the UK, we are already working on what might be possible after the US Tour ends on August 13. Please be advised: I do need to go home and wash my clothes after 29 days on the road–not to mention visit with my family! At this time it looks as though I will be in the UK sometime in September. We are still working on Canada. European stops will need to be coordinated around publication dates, which haven’t been set yet because the publishers don’t have the manuscript (see THE BOOK). As with the US events, details will be posted on Facebook on the EVENTS tab on the page, and on Deb’s Calendar here on my website when we have them.

WEBSITE UPDATED: my assistant Jill and web designer Adrian have been working their fingers to the bone to update my web site. I know some of you are frustrated looking through past posts on your phone, and all I can say is the easiest way to see if something has happened in All Souls Trilogy land is to check the website. Those of you who have visited it before will find the site easier to use. There are drop down menus for each book across the top where you can find information like the tour appearances, excerpts, downloads, and special features like a list of some of the wine in Matthew’s cellar and an FAQ for 1590. Jill has entered a handful of tour events on my new DEB’S CALENDAR feature and will be entering the rest over the next week or so. As new events are announced, you will find information there. You can even subscribe to an RSS feed for the calendar and add events to your iCal.

SIGNED BOOKS: some of you are interested in getting signed books even if you can’t make it to an event. We have several ways to help you. First, if you want a copy of my book with my signature in it you can get it one of three ways:

1. Barnes and Noble. That’s right: you can preorder a signed copy of THE BOOK OF LIFE from Barnes and Noble and they will send it to you on release day. No personalizations are possible–just a signed book. Details here:

2. pages: a bookstore. You can pre-order signed and signed + personalized copies of THE BOOK OF LIFE (as well as ADOW and SON) from my local independent bookstore. Please note: this book may not reach you for a few weeks after July 15, as this depends on when the books arrive at the store and where I am at the time (like the opposite coast). See here for more details:

3. Any of the bookstores mentioned on the tour. All of the bookstores will be happy to accommodate your requests for signed/personalized books provided you order them in advance and are prepared for them to arrive after the event itself. These books can be signed and signed/personalized. Please contact the bookstores directly for further information.

OK, I think that’s it! I’ll be back in March with more news and information. Meanwhile: back to work.