Hello! Sorry for the silence from this end, but as Jill explained I’ve been traveling and meeting with readers. Beginning today, I’m going to take a few minutes out of your day each month and update you all on what’s going on with me, A Discovery of Witches, and the All Souls Trilogy.

First, I visited England where I had a wonderful time meeting with my UK publisher, Headline, and meeting readers and booksellers. It is always a treat to be in the UK, but this time was special for all the obvious reasons. We spent the day in Oxford, took a walking tour of ADOW sites, ate lunch at the Old Parsonage, and had two very special events at Blackwell’s Bookshop and the Cowley Library. Everybody in Oxford was terribly gracious considering I hijacked their city and filled it with daemons, vampires, witches, and missing manuscripts! (I took the photo that accompanies this post just outside the All Souls College lodge. There was no sign of Matthew, alas. Please feel free to copy this photo to your page, make wallpaper out of it, whatever–just don’t sell it!)

Second, many readers have joined the online Facebook community of readers! With nearly 3000 fans on my Deborah Harkness page (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Deborah-Harkness/163048101811) nearly 2000 on the sister page (A Discovery of Witches, http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Discovery-of-Witches/112021945509215), there are a lot of people chatting about the book. I’m continuing (with the help of my crack assistant, Jill) to edit wall posts for spoilers. If you do want to talk about the book free from intervention, why not head over to the Discussion Boards? You can access it via the link to “Discussions” in the left sidebar under the picture of me (Deborah Harkness page) or the picture of the US book jacket (A Discovery of Witches page).

Many readers have asked similar questions. Here are the answers to some of them:

1. Will there be more books? Yes. There will be two more books in the story of Diana and Matthew, and we hope to get the next one to you in 2012.

2. Are you doing more signings? Not at this time. They want me to finish the next book for you!

3. Are you writing the second book? Yes. Which is why the signings are winding down! I need some keyboard time to finish.

4. Will there be a movie? Unsure. There is interest from several parties, but nothing I can discuss at the moment. So keep those casting ideas coming. Who knows?

Finally, we are entering the period when the foreign editions of A Discovery of Witches are being published. So far the book will be published in 34 countries around the world, so you may see posts from new readers in other languages. There are even foreign language pages in Portuguese, Spanish, and soon Danish. (check out the Spanish page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/El-descubrimiento-de-las-brujas-Deborah-Harkness/193054874062398) If you know Portuguese, Danish, or Spanish (or any of the other languages!) do welcome them!

Thanks to all of you for embracing the book with such enthusiasm! I read all your posts, whether here or on Facebook or Twitter, and respond to them when I have access to a computer and a few minutes to think clearly. It is always a high point of my day to listen to your responses, comments and questions.

Happy Reading,