A title “we can’t wait to add to our TBR pile”–Entertainment Weekly


One of 13 books readers “can’t wait to read” in 2024–BookBub 


A book “you need to read in 2024”–Waterstones



Two book covers, outline of a black bird on both, the US cover has the bird perching with a yellow eye, the UK cover has a shadow view of black bird landing with a gold circle overlay. Both on blue back ground.

P is for PUB DATE announcement: July 16 2024 in the US, U.K., and AU!The US cover is on the left, and the UK/Canada/ANZ on the right.


Check out the gorgeous covers for THE BLACK BIRD ORACLE, the fifth book in the All Souls series! And here’s a glimpse into the book to fill in the clues I’ve been posting: “A new era begins for Diana: a confrontation with her family’s dark past, and a reckoning for her own desire for even greater power—if she can let go, finally, of her fear of wielding it.”

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The Mighty Ape
Barnes & Noble
Penguin Random House


For those of you in other countries, here is where we are at the moment:

Foreign Editions

Dutch: coming in 2024 from Uitgeverij Boekerij
French: coming from Éditions Leduc
German: coming from Blanvalet Verlag
Italian: coming from Edizioni Piemme
Portuguese (Brazil): TIME’S CONVERT is coming from Edit Rocco in 2024 and THE BLACK BIRD ORACLE in 2025
Romanian: coming from Editura Litera

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