Welcome to June, everybody. By my calculations there are just 40 days until the release of SHADOW. As you know, this is an important number from an alchemical standpoint, a length of timeduring which magical things can happen. So it seems appropriate to catch you up on all that’s happening.

SHADOW BUZZ: There’s quite a lot of buzz about the 10 July US/UK/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/NZ release. Already the book has garnered praise from Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal; ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY dubbed it the most anticipated sequel of the summer; NPR and MTV included it on its must-reads for summer; and it is an editor’s pick among the summer reads at Amazon.com.

SHADOW TRANSLATIONS: Translations are underway in 16 countries, and more will hopefully follow. The first foreign translation will appear on 27 July in The Netherlands, followed by France in early September. You can keep track of all the details here in the EVENTS tab on my Facebook page, or here on my website.┬áIf you don’t see information about a publication date for YOUR country it is because there is no information at this time. Check back on the EVENTS tab or the website often.

CONTESTS AND GIVEAWAYS: As we approach publication date in various countries, there will be giveaways and promotions aplenty. I will share all information with you as I get it and have the opportunity to post. A reminder for US residents: there is a weekly giveaway sponsored by Viking/Penguin between now and July 6. Check the SHADOW OF NIGHT tab on the DEBORAH HARKNESS on Facebook (next to EVENTS, right now the box reads SHADOW OF NIGHT PERFUME SWEEPSTAKES) for details.

Signing books at Book Expo in New York, June 2012

VISITS WITH READERS: I just returned from Saint-Malo where I met with readers in France. It was a lovely chance for me to talk with fans of Diana and Matthew and answer their questions. We are about to enter into a very heavy travel period for me, with visits in New York city next for Book Expo, then Anaheim to meet with Librarians, followed by the grand US tour. I will then be taking a short break to catch up on my writing before heading back out on the road in the autumn to visit in the UK, France, Canada, and Charleston SC (more details soon). Please check the EVENTS tab or the website for further details on appearances, and ALWAYS CHECK WITH THE EVENT SPONSORS for any changes, as details do tend to shift around.

THE MOVIE: Warner Brothers and David Auburn are continuing to work very hard on the script, and we’ve had many useful conversations about the project. I’ll keep you in the loop if/when there is more news.

BOOK #3: Given all I’ve written above (!) I haven’t had much time lately to devote to book #3 but it is underway. I’ve been doing research and visiting inspiring places these past few weeks, and now I’m ready to sit down and get to the business of writing. It’s a good thing I can write on planes, I think!

A FINAL NOTE: The audiobook of A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES is iTunes’s audiobook of the month for June in the US. So if you’ve been looking for a gift or an excuse to get it for yourself, it is priced at $5.99 during June 2012. A perfect way to get ready for SHADOW’s release on 10 July 2012 in the US, Canada, UK, Commonwealth, Australia, and New Zealand!

Thanks as ever for your enthusiasm, support, and good wishes as we move ahead into the days of summer and SHADOW OF NIGHT.