Deborah Harkness

History professor who tumbled down the rabbit hole and wrote the international best-selling All Souls Trilogy
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THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS flip video, US edition

So you wanted another peek into #TheWorldofAllSouls? Here it is, courtesy of your friends at Viking Books. This is the US edition. The cover is different, but what you will find inside (if you order the red and black UK edition) is the same: loads of detailed...

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THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS flip video, UK edition

THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS flip video, UK edition

We're about a month away from the publication of THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS which means the finished copies of the book are starting to arrive on the desks of the publisher. I will have a copy in my hands later this week, and then they will start arriving in warehouses...

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DIY Project: Weaver’s Cords

Remember this photo from the December 2017 edition of THE BLAST? Those are weaver's cords that reader Wendy MacNeil made for Deb, and Deb attached them to the scissors in her study to keep them from disappearing. (They've worked a treat.) Readers wrote in, asking how...

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